About Us

About Millennium Bridge Capital

As private equity investment specialists, Millennium Bridge Capital utilizes a multi-manager co-investment approach. Our strategy targets the North American lower middle market, primarily focusing on direct and indirect buyout/control investments. We are pioneers in systematic co-investments and have been leaders in that category since 2004. Combining traditional private equity fund of funds investing with systematic co-investments results in more favorable all-in fees than direct fund investing.

Millennium Bridge Capital has extensive experience in private equity, with the Firm’s founders being active in the middle market since the 1980s. We believe that our relationships and depth of experience in this segment create a competitive advantage for the Firm and provide a unique opportunity for our investors.

We deliver customized investment solutions to institutional investors that reflect their specific investment goals and risk tolerances. Using our unique blend of experience, relationships, and investment strategy, our goal is to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors. We strive to do so with the highest integrity and transparency.

Middle Market Co-Investment Leader